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What is our programming class about?

Create the future you truly desire with;

  • Logical thinking abilities

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • Imagination and creativity

All obtained from programming skill sets.

The curriculum is the latest learning curriculum developed by game creator Kazumasa Ogasawara, who has been involved in the development of several smartphone apps.

Teaching materials using Minecraft®︎ and Makecode®︎, which are very popular with elementary school students, are designed to stimulate children's intellectual curiosity and naturally develop their creativity and logical thinking.

With textbooks directing students "how to", and in-class support provided by the teacher, open Minecraft®︎ and Makecode®︎ at the same time on your computer screen.


※Example of Minecraft®︎ and Makecode®︎ running on a PC.

Benefits of learning programming in your youth

Benefit 1. Acquired logical thinking 

By learning programming, you can acquire logical thinking abilities.

Foremost, programming is a set of instructions to make a computer perform operations as instructed. Communication between humans can include body language and interpretation, however, a computer wont understand unless a clear set of instructions are given.

For example, when you say to a person;

"I have a palm-sized ball and I will roll it".

The person can imagine it to some extent but a computer won't understand without instructions such as;

  • How big the ball is (diameter(cm), weight(g), etc).

  • How fast it rolls (km/h).

  • How far it rolls (m).

Therefore, it is necessary to have the ability to make simple and clear instructions for anyone to understand. This is where logical thinking abilities come into play and you can naturally acquire it through our curriculum.


Benefit 2. Acquired problem-solving abilities

Errors are inherent in programming. Unfortunately, it rarely works once.

However, by repeatedly investigating the cause of the error and pursuing improvements and solutions,  the problem-solving ability will naturally be acquired.

Benefit 3. Improved imagination and creativity

Learning programming gives you the skills to output ideas that come to your mind in the real world and make it happen.

"Creativity + Imagination + Action = Reality".

Over time your consciousness begins to think "let's create something new that is not in the world yet!".

Various opportunities will become available to you in your future, like having your own business, and it will be possible to work while having fun doing what you like!


Benefit 4. Deeper understanding of how technology works, and how to use it independently.

In the coming era, new technologies will inevitably be developed. We humans tend to hesitate to use things that are unimaginable, things we don't know how to use, and things we don't understand we avoid.

If we can master technology, our daily lives become easier and we may create more time to do what we like.

However, by learning programming, we see that all technology has some form of programming.

Therefore, the evolution of IT and AI in the future won't be something that you wouldn't understand. Your mindset will change from avoidance to genuine interest.

Benefit 5. More choices in the future

"Programming mindset" cultivated by learning programming will be useful for any profession in the future.

It is useful in various situations in society such as;


  • presenting new products

  • presenting information in order at meetings

  • creating reports that summarise points

  • research and development of new products and ideas

Just to name a few.

The range of potential professions will expand, and you will be able to enjoy the work you have chosen giving you the feeling that "work is a vacation".


Real world examples of programming

Programming is the set of instructions to make a computer do what you want it to do.

Computers doesn't speak human language, so you must use a language that computers can understand (programming language).

Just as we can learn a second language to communicate with people, computers have their own language as well!

People called programmers use programming languages ​​to give instructions to computers to operate automatic doors, elevators, and so on.

When you leave something in a microwave too long after it's done, it regularly beeps to warn you to "take it out". That is also programming.


Reasons why kids have fun with learning programming

1. We use Minecraft®︎

Enjoy learning with Minecraft®︎, which is very popular among children and also attracts attention as an educational tool.

Swedish schools are moving to adopt "Minecraft®" as a compulsory subject, and it is currently used in more than 7,000 school classes in 40 countries around the world.


※Image of Minecraft

2. We use the block programming "Make Code ®︎" linked with "Java Script".

Kids can learn with block programming that combines blocks called "Make Code ®", so that the kids can easily understand and remain interested.

"Make Code ®" is linked with "JAVA Script", which is known as a programming language, and can automatically convert what is created by combining "blocks" to JAVA Script.

In the beginner's class JAVA Script is not used however, in advanced classes, students will write directly to JAVA Script for programming.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 7.04.06 am.png
Automatically convert to
Make Code ®
Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 7.05.34 am.png
「Java Script」

※Example of Minecraft®︎ and Makecode®︎ Java Script running on a PC.

3. The curriculum is story driven.

The teaching materials used are created by Mr. Kazumasa Ogasawara, who is active on the front lines as a game creator.

In addition to the learning that you normally do in programming classes, you can enjoy the story being presented (for example, switches and objects that are difficult to find) that deepen the mystery in places that you cannot normally reach.


※Image of Minecraft


When can my kids start learning programming?
Our curriculum is suitable for 8 years old+.
I'm worried because my kids' never used computer before.
We aware that it would be the first time to use a computer in their life.

We teach kids how to use a mouse/keyboard and basic computer skills.
I'm worried if I can support my kids because I have no idea about programming.
We teach the basic skills of programming with baby steps initially and offer support to parents and students.

Each student can complete the programming tasks at their own pace.
How long is each class?
There are Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, broken down into 12 stages per level.


Beginners level 12 = 4x 50min sessions
Beginners level 11 = 4x 50min sessions


Class schedule and Cost per School term

Class fee ($233.31) + Fixed fee ($77) = $310.31~




50 mins per session

Your teachers

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