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This course is an individualised tutoring for a high school Mathematics in the Australian Curriculum.

What you can get are;

  • improving your Maths skills.

  • understanding concepts by appropriate approaches for each students.

  • improving your assignments and tests result.

  • training applied Maths based on students abilities.

  • individual study plan.

  • improving your self-study ability.

  • find and establish your own comfortable study style.

We can provide;

  • assisting the students' general school tasks.

  • discussions with clear solutions to understand concepts and problems.

  • a friendly 24/7 assist when the students need a help!

  • keys and techniques to make problems simple and feeling easy.

  • mastering the useful formulas.

  • knowing main points to make assignments and tests resoult better.

  • selected applied Maths problems based on the students abilities.

Students and Guardians feed back

My daughter is doing really well with her homework. She is having the most fun with Maths right now. She is able to understand a lot of things. I am very thankful for that. (from a guardian in Year 11)

Your assistance has greatly helped me with my education. Was able to achieve an overall B for semester two. (from a student in Year 11)

You have achieved exactly what we wanted. You have restored her confidence to tackle the Maths instead of being on the back foot.

For this my husband and I are eternally grateful. (from a guardian in Year 12)

Class fee


High School Maths

60 mins per session

Per School term (10 weeks)


Class timetable

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*Closed on Public holidays

About your teacher


Yoriko Wallis

Director of Abacus By Wallis

I've started tutoring Maths since 2012 in Cairns. People are known for my approach to understanding each student's individuality and improve their results and achievements while having fun. The motto of our place is to work hard at what you enjoy 🌟

Hobbies: Softball🥎, Skateboarding🛹, Hiking 🏞️

MAS164 - Fundamentals of Mathematics
Abacus and Mental calculation [Master level 2]

Played for QLD in National Softball League


Shop8, 116 Hoare Street, Manunda, QLD 4870

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