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This is about a class that your child can improve calculation skills and good with school Maths through abacus.

What you can get are;

  • being good with numbers.

  • building up a foundation of Maths.

  • being good at a mental calculation.

  • building up your kids' confidence.

  • enjoyable way to learn numbers

  • improve the kids Maths result.

We can provide;

  • building up the kids' mental calculation skills with speed and accuracy.

  • how to gain calculation skills for Sums, Multiplication and Division through abacus.

  • building up the kids' working memory.

  • having experiences of a lot of small achievements each session.

  • finding a comfortable style to learn and improve the kids' skills.

  • taking an individual approach.

Abacus and Mental calculation skills

Guardians' feed back

A teacher from school has seen a huge improvement in my daughter's Mathematics skills. She has gone from D at the end of last year to know a B which is fantastic! (from a guardian in Year 3・training for a year) 

A school teacher informed me that my daughter made the top score in her class in a multiplication  test. Abacus training made this 100%! She also got a "B" in Maths on her report card. Thank you very much! (from a guardian in Year 5・training for 3 years)

All that abacus work is paying off! I can see that now. Thank you so much. (from a guardian in Year 4・training for a year)

Class fee


Abacus class

50 mins per session

Per School term (10 weeks)


Class timetable

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*Closed on Public holidays
Our teachers

Your teachers


Yoriko Wallis

Director of Abacus By Wallis

Abacus and Mental [Master level 2]🧮
MAS164 - Fundamentals of Mathematics📐

Played for QLD in National Softball League🥎

Love Skateboarding🛹 and Hiking🏞️ 


Akiko Schrader

Abacus Teacher

Abacus and Mental [Level 3]🧮

Emotions' therapist


Shop8, 116 Hoare Street, Manunda, QLD 4870

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