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Are you looking for something for kids to;

  • be good with numbers.

  • build up a foundation of Maths.

  • be good at calculation.

  • build up their confidence.

  • have a fun with educational training

What's good about our abacus session?

  • Build up your mental calculation skills with speed and accuracy.

  • Learning how to calculate Sums, Multiplication and Division visually.

  • Be able to train your working memory.

  • Motivating kids by building their confidence.

  • Finding a comfortable style to learn and improve their skills.

  • Taking an individual approach.


Check Isabelle (Y2)'s Mental skills out!

Check Isabelle (Y2)'s Abacus skills out!

Isabelle's interview

Your age and abilities don't matter!

We approach what the kids need. Doesn't matter how old you are, because learning should be fun when a little challenge is there. The challenge is different each kids, therefore you don't have to compare to other kids' abilities or achievements.

This place is all about you, so you can focus your work and enjoy your learning journey.

Look forward to finding your talents and who you are!

Yoriko Wallis

Director of Abacus By Wallis




Abacus course

50 mins per session

Training abacus skills.

If you are between Prep and Year 3, it's a great chance to build up a foundation of Maths.




Abacus Plus course

60 mins per session

Training abacus or Australian curriculum Mathematics.

If you are between Year 7 and Year 10, it's great chance to improve Maths result at school!




Class timetable

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Our teachers


Director, Abacus, Maths and Programming Tutor

Yoriko Wallis

Abacus level [Dan 2]

Played for QLD in National Softball League

Diploma of Hospitality Management

Child coaching advisor


Maths, Japanese, Science, Biology and General primary Tutor

Yuka Nakamura

Registered relief teacher in QLD

Director of Origami Cairns

IMG_1770 2.heic

Abacus Tutor

Kazuko Brlyack

Abacus level [Level 2]


Programming Tutor

Annan Wallis


Diploma of Project Management


Shop8, 116 Hoare Street, Manunda, QLD 4870

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